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2023 Tree Choices 

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Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo trees will thrive in almost any location. It is one of the toughest, most adaptable shade trees available and its uniquely fan-shaped leaves turn from a lawn green to deep gold in the fall. Once full grown, this tree can get to 50'. 

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Kentucky Coffee

Native to the midwest, this tree has a bright gold fall color and tropical green foliage in summer. Its interesting branching and a textured bark make for a rugged look in the winter. Once full grown, this tree gets to about 50' tall, providing very nice filtered shade. 

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Red Maple

The red maple is a large and resilient tree and is named for its brilliant red color in the fall. Full grown, they reach about 35' tall and have a nice round lollipop shape. They are a good tree to plant anywhere, beautiful in the fall and fast growing. 

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Native to the Eastern US, the Yellowwood has a beautiful green canopy in summer and its leaves turn brilliant yellow in the fall. This tree may reach up to 50 feet full grown. Yellowwood is relatively pest-free, seems to do very well in urban conditions so long as it gets adequate water. 

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Dawn Redwood

This tree is an ancient and interesting tree with a very delicate, fern-like appearance, and a very tall, pyramidal shape. The shaggy, reddish bark is appealing and its rusty orange fall color makes this a spectacular eye-catching tree. Dawn Redwood has the appearance of an evergreen tree, but it will actually lose its needle-like leaves in the fall after they turn a brilliant copper color.

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Sargent Cherry

A smaller street tree that reaches a max height of 25-35', the Sargent Cherry has attractive bark, good fall foliage color, and delicate pink blooms in the spring. 

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