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2024 Tree Choices 

pin oak_edited.jpg

Pin Oak

The pin oak has a distinctive branching pattern and can be seen throughout RVC. Homeowners and city foresters like this tree for dense shade, tolerance of many soil conditions, heat, soil compaction and air pollution, pleasing to the eye in all seasons, and easy to plant. This fast-growing oak is common in yards, along streets, and throughout parks.

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Kentucky Coffee

Native to the midwest, this tree has a bright gold fall color and tropical green foliage in summer. Its interesting branching and a textured bark make for a rugged look in the winter. Once full grown, this tree gets to about 50' tall, providing very nice filtered shade. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 11.41.12 AM.png

Red Maple

The red maple is a large and resilient tree and is named for its brilliant red color in the fall. Full grown, they reach about 35' tall and have a nice round lollipop shape. They are a good tree to plant anywhere, beautiful in the fall and fast growing. 



Linden trees are deciduous trees desirable for hardiness and adaptability. Linden trees are attractive trees that are ideal for urban landscapes because they tolerate a wide range of adverse conditions, including pollution.

Tree Lilac, J_edited.jpg


The common lilac is an old-fashioned, long-lived, and well-loved lilac best known for its fragrant flowers. It is extremely hardy and thrives with little care which makes it a lovely smaller sized street tree.  The trees flowers bloom in May.

Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 11.13.13 AM.png

Sargent Cherry

A smaller street tree that reaches a max height of 25-35', the Sargent Cherry has attractive bark, good fall foliage color, and delicate pink blooms in the spring. 

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